MOENESS is yet another project from goldfries.com, in this site I will share my review of anime, experience at ACG events and of course – figurine photography!

Anime Reviews

First and foremost, let me make it clear that I will not be able to finish every single anime for every season, in fact my reviews could be seasons or even years behind. :) I just review what I get my hands on.

Cosplay Photography

Probably one of my least active form of “ACG activity”, I photograph cosplayers at ACG events and will do the best I can to bring out the best of the cosplayers. No, I’m not one of those who brings a whole lot of equipment to events. If you see a shy photographer, that’s probably me.
Comic Fiesta 2014

Figurine Photography

I love photographing figurines, I love spending time preparing concepts and ideas and experimenting with composition, lighting and poses. Here are some other reasons why I photograph figurines. :D

Celebrating Miku Day (ミクの日) with Nendoroid Hatsune Miku 2.0